We help IT Directors reduce losses from unexpected audit penalties and maximize their software investments.

Yes, software vendors are targeting you for software audits.

Some software publishing firms rely on software license audits to generate 40% of their sales revenue. These companies wait and watch your volume license agreements, your merger & acquisition announcements, and the types of support tickets called in, to pinpoint exactly when your organization is out of license compliance.

They know you cannot push back!

They count on your CMDB and SAM tools to be inaccurate. They make sure the volume license agreement language is confusing and convoluted. And they make sure their auditors always find something – unlicensed software, expired warrantees, unknown network segments – to justify your penalty.

They know you have no expert, dedicated help.

By now, you know the conversation by heart. Your Legal team points the finger at Procurement, that they are not purchasing the right stuff to stay in compliance. Your procurement team points the finger at the IT Department, that they are not telling procurement what is needed in time. IT points the finger at Legal for letting “gotchas” come in on their contracts and not pushing back on the auditors. Everyone is understaffed and overworked, while your end-users are upset by service delivery delays and your leadership is upset by another unexpected expense.

But, what if you did have knowledgeable, experienced help?

Gartner predicts an organization could eliminate THIRTY PERCENT (30%) of their IT software budget with a proper software asset management (SAM) program. Part of that savings is finding the hardware and software lost in closets and under desks and odd corners of your warehouse. Another part is identifying and eliminating licenses, support, and warranties for programs and hardware your organization no longer needs. The last part is proactively locating and eliminating audit risks before the auditors do, and then pushing back on them when it is time to renew your volume license agreements.

We know how to help.

BOERGER CONSULTING, LLC, has 20 years of experience creating, repairing, and improving systems and processes that specifically target Gartner’s overspending sources.

  • We specialize in recovering and repurposing those lost and missing assets.

  • We can train your staff to identify and eliminate wasteful and unnecessary service support and warranty agreements.

  • We have a long track record of beating some of the largest and most aggressive auditors from Microsoft, Adobe, Attachmate, IBM, Oracle, Quest, and the rest.

Reach out to us.

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“Knowledge of the problem inherently changes the nature of the problem”

- Jeremy L. Boerger